Bridge Design Projects

Centerway Arch Bridge

Corning, NY

The Centerway Arch Bridge is a historically significant, seven-span, concrete and earth-filled arch bridge originally constructed in 1920 and links the Corning Museum of Glass on the north with the Historic Market Street on the south side.  Extensive structural inspections of the existing seven-span bridge were conducted to determine the extent of deterioration and the needed improvements. The inspection included a 100% hands-on inspection of the concrete arch, concrete spandrel walls, piers, and abutments; a visual inspection of the parapets and deck; and a Service Life Assessment.


The rehabilitation of this bridge included a new 40 ft. wide bridge deck includes a 12 ft. wide multi-use trail along the east side of the bridge, a 5 ft. wide walkway along the west side, and green space with plantings along the remaining middle swath of the bridge to create a park-like setting on the bridge. Aesthetic improvements that incorporated the historic character of the original bridge include: interpretive signage highlighting the history of the area, benches, stamped concrete, a sprinkler system, hosebibs, a painted maze and other interpretive games.


  • 2014 ICRI Award of Merit - Historic Preservation
  • 2014 APWA National Projects of the Year Award Historical Preservation/ Restoration
  • 2013 ABCD Bridge Design Award (over $2M category)

Collamer Road Bridge over West Creek

Monroe County, New York

This project involved the replacement of the existing 70-year-old jack-arch bridge. The replacement structure is a 75’-0” single span bridge comprised of prestressed adjacent box beams founded on integral abutments. The existing bridge had an under sized hydraulic opening, causing upstream flooding, stream bank degradation, and abutment scour.

To achieve the required hydraulic performance criteria, the profile of the existing roadway was raised approximately three feet.  As the structure is located only 25 feet from the Collamer Road/Dunbar Road intersection, reconstruction of the intersection was necessitated. The intersection work also required approach work on the other three approaches and replacement/resetting of the closed drainage system within the project limits on Dunbar Road.

Morgan Creek/ CR 73 Bridgeover the Tioga River

Steuben County, New York

This project was for a bridge replacement and realignment.   We had limited options due to the proximity of a railroad crossing to the east of the bridge, a non-standard grade break in the profile at the west end, an adjacent USGS gage, a highway curve at the east approach, and a house at the southeast quadrant of the bridge.

Our design solution was a new 220 ft long two span, curved and haunched steel multi-girder superstructure, supported on a reinforced concrete pier in the river and new reinforced concrete abutments that are founded on 70 to 80 ft long steel bearing piles to bedrock. The 800 feet of highway realignment was designed to minimize and preserve the existence of culturally sensitive and significant, National Register alluvial soils.



2009 ABCD Bridge Design Award (over $1M category)

Seneca Street Bridge over Canisteo River

Hornellsville, New York


This project involved the replacement of the existing painted steel truss bridge. The replacement structure is a 195’-6” single span steel multi-girder superstructure founded on pile supported abutments behind the existing abutments.  The bridge spans the Canisteo River within a US Army Corps of Engineers Flood Control Area and the existing abutments are built in front of and into the levees.


The profile of Seneca Street was raised approximately three feet to maintain the current level of flood protection to the City of Hornell, Town of Hornellsville and Village of North Hornell.  This geometric change required extensive coordination with business owners and residents to ensure they would have access to their properties during construction and usable driveway entrances and parking lots after construction was complete.



2013 ABCD Bridge Design Honorable Mention

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