Our Mission

By living our clientship principles and core values, we create powerful client experiences.

Core Purpose

Cultivating our gifts to create a legacy of infrastructure that improves quality of life.


Since our founding in 1984, Fisher has upheld our unwavering business philosophy that compels us to provide not only high-quality deliverables to our clients, but a powerful client experience.  We call this our Clientship™ philosophy and we achieve it by being accessible, attentive, responsive, following through and being proactive in recovering from unforeseen issues on projects.  It is a commonsense approach to successful project delivery that many firms acknowledge, yet so few firms can successfully execute. This has been our credo for over 4 decades, and we take it very seriously.  We train our employees on what Clientship™ means, why it is important, and what tasks they are required to do to adhere to this philosophy such as return non-urgent calls within 24 hours, provide weekly project status updates to clients, be an advocate for our clients, be a resource for our clients, serve an extension of their staff, make our clients’ jobs easier, and uphold our “no surprises” policy by bringing issues to the forefront immediately.  Our Project Managers are assessed based on their success in executing these tasks that result in a powerful client experience. If this philosophy resonates with you and is something you would value in the consultant you choose, we are the consultant for you.


We will be the professional consultant whose Clientship™ brand is sought after by clients and aspired to by competitors. Fisher Associates will be the employer of choice. We will attract, cultivate, and retain the best and brightest. We will achieve this by focusing on:

  • Collaborative and innovative solutions
  • Effective use of evolving technologies
  • Adapting to markets and client needs
  • Responsible and sustainable growth

We will always uphold the family-oriented culture on which we were founded. Our core values will be our way of life and we will never lose sight of our core purpose.

Core Values

Aspire to Excellence

Teamwork and Respect

We Own Our Results

Empowered Employees