Construction Inspection Projects

Photech Site Development

Rochester, New York


This project involved design of a new interior road and public utilities for a 12.5 acre former brownfield site being redeveloped for light manufacturing and office use. The City of Rochester had previously undertaken demolition and site remediation, creating an environmentally clean parcel for subdivision and redevelopment. Their next step was retaining Fisher Associates to design a new 28’ wide street and cul-de-sac; a water main for both domestic and fire flows; sanitary, and storm facilities; street lighting; a new traffic signal at the intersection of the new access road and Driving Park Boulevard; and for coordination with gas, electric, and telecommunications companies for relocation of utilities at the impacted Driving Park intersection.  Our work included a drainage study for a fully developed site, with storm water directed to a combined storm and sanitary sewer.

Replacement of 5 Fort Drum Bridges and Conway Road Railroad Crossing

Fort Drum, New York


Fisher Associates was the Designer of Record on these Design/Build projects for the replacement of 5 Tank Bridges over various streams in Fort Drum, NY. The span lengths varied from 19 foot to 44 foot in length. All new structures were designed to accommodate the 70 ton tank loading requirements. The Conway Road Railroad Crossing project replaced a deteriorated rubber crossing with a new 210 foot long modular precast concrete crossing. For all of the projects the mapping and plans were prepared in cooperation with Fort Drum Public Works so that the final plans could be incorporated into Fort Drum's GIS database.

Term Agreement for CI, Town of Henrietta

Henrietta, New York


Fisher Associates has an on-going term contract with the Town of Henrietta for Construction Observation Services. Our Construction Inspectors/Observers oversee the construction of subdivision roadways, utilities and other site development. They also observe during the installations of the dedicated roadways, sanitary sewers, public and private storm sewer infrastructure and other site items. Our Inspectors/Observers attend all project meetings and check for adherence to the approved plans and overall quality control.

Term Agreement For CI, NYSDOT

New York


Fisher Associates provided Construction Inspection Services for Highway Reconstruction and Bridge Replacement/Rehabilitation projects for NYSDOT’s Region 2. Our Construction Inspectors ensured that the work of the Contractor conformed to the provisions of the contract documents. Services performed on each assignment included detailed inspection, on-site field testing of materials & other construction activities, as necessary (including field measurement & collection of data necessary to submit monthly & final estimates and progress reports), and preparation of record plans showing all changes from the contract plans.

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