Message from the CEO

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Committed to preserving and enriching the planet for present and future generations, we have woven sustainable practices into the very fabric of our company starting with our Core Purpose of cultivating our gifts to create a legacy of infrastructure that improves quality of life and our Core Values of aspiring to excellence, teamwork and respect, empowered employees, and owning our results. Being a service organization providing planning, engineering, landscape architecture and other professional design-related services, the project work we undertake is critical to representing who we are and what we stand for with respect to sustainability. Our commitment is embedded into our design practices that place environmental preservation at the forefront along with site optimization, use of environmentally preferable products, implementing green solutions, employing renewable energy production, and optimizing operations and maintenance.

Beyond our design practices, we are dedicated to fostering a culture of environmental consciousness within our team, encouraging innovation that prioritizes both performance and planet. We are also dedicated to corporate sustainability that is achieved through responsible decision-making consistent with established goals that grow our company and our employees, while providing transparency and accountability in our governance processes and procedures.

Our ability to attract and retain top talent and our responsible, client-focused reputation are the reasons for our success which cannot be accomplished without ethical, open-minded, people-focused governance.

At Fisher Associates, sustainability is more than a commitment; it’s our unwavering promise to pave the way towards a greener and more sustainable future and provide fulfilling careers to our employees that foster long-term growth, challenging work, and upward mobility. We recognize that as an employer and a professional services provider, our work, behavior and business philosophy touch the lives of not just our clients and those who live in the communities where we perform work, but also the lives of our employees, their families and generations to come.

I am honored to be the CEO of Fisher Associates and uphold and advance our steadfast and heartfelt commitment to sustainability and Environmental Social Governance.

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Roseann B. Schmid, P.E.
Chief Executive Officer


This sustainability plan outlines our commitment to integrating sustainable practices into all aspects of our business, ensuring a positive impact on society, the economy, and the environment. By following this plan, we will contribute to a more sustainable future while also fostering long-term business success. We will apply our team’s expertise, experience, and resources to accomplish the following actions that support and promote social, economic, and environmental sustainability.

Who We Are

Our Core Purpose
Cultivating our gifts to create a legacy of infrastructure that improves the quality of life.

Our Core Values

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Our Mission
By living our clientship principles and core values, we create powerful client experiences.

Our company’s Mission, Core Values, and Core Purpose collectively serve as the North Star that guides our actions, decisions, and direction. Our Mission defines our company’s overarching objective, outlining what we aim to achieve and how we intend to make a positive impact. Our Core Values establish the fundamental beliefs and principles that shape our culture and behavior, serving as a moral compass for employees and leadership alike. And our Core Purpose goes beyond mere profitability, encapsulating the deeper reason for our company’s existence, our role in society, and the problems we seek to solve. Together, these elements create a cohesive framework that aligns our company’s activities with our vision, fosters a sense of purpose among our employees, and helps build trust with clients, partners, and stakeholders. In essence, they serve as the foundation upon which our company’s strategy, operations, and relationships are built, ensuring a clear and consistent path towards meaningful success.

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  • Avoid and/or minimize negative environmental impacts of our operations and projects we undertake by educating our teams, clients and partners on environmentally conscious design practices and employing those practices on every project.
  • Mitigate environmental impacts that cannot be avoided to achieve a net zero loss of environmental resources and promote environmental sustainability.
  • Recommend or specify environmentally sustainable materials and construction methods whenever appropriate and practical.
  • Promote green energy usage and energy independence of communities and development.
  • Implement green design elements and energy-efficient technologies into projects where prudent and feasible.
  • Reduce waste generation and the degradation of our environment internally through implementation of company-wide recycling programs and use of environmentally preferred products.
  • Educate our employees, partners and clients about the importance and urgency of building sustainable communities.


  • Promote the health and safety of all users of the projects we design by incorporating the necessary design elements.
  • Promote the health and safety of our employees by providing work/life flexibility, access to a robust Employee Assistance Program, and adherence to our company’s plans and processes.
  • For public involvement, solicit input from the community/thought leaders regarding needs, desires, and concerns.
  • Improve the quality of life with the projects we undertake including but not limited to improving mobility for all modes of travel, accessibility for all, community identity and placemaking, and safety. Promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in our hiring and promotion practices, educational opportunities, and vendor relationships. Ensure our culture, policies and programs promote the representation and participation of diverse groups of individuals.
  • Adhere to our Core Values in every interaction with each other, our clients, and our business partners.
  • Contribute our time and resources to organizations and initiatives that help our communities thrive and support those who are underserved or in need.
  • Invest in our employees and provide clear career paths for them to support retaining and attracting talent and ensuring long-term company sustainability.
  • Promote career opportunities in our industry through participation and partnership with local schools and organizations engaged in attracting students to STEM careers.


  • Execute transparency in financial reporting, decision-making, and operations to provide a clear understanding of the company’s activities and performance.
  • Actively communicate our mission to help clients achieve their goals efficiently, cost-effectively, and environmentally consciously.
  • Act ethically and with integrity in all aspects of the company’s operations. Implement a policy of no tolerance for unethical practices.
  • Develop resilient solutions that avoid and/or minimize potential sustainability-related risks.
  • Promote innovation, research, and development to drive long-term growth and competitiveness in the marketplace.
  • Ensure the longevity and financial viability of our company through sound governance, prudent resource management, ethical business practices, responsible growth, and continual investment in the development of our future leaders.
  • Establish measurable metrics to monitor and evaluate the company’s performance, allowing for adjustments and improvements as needed.
  • Maintain an effective Board of Directors that provides strategic guidance, oversight, and monitoring of the company’s goals via measurable metrics and clear communication of roles and responsibilities that support accountability.
  • Adapt to changing market conditions, technological advancements, and other external factors that may impact our operations.
  • Establish an ESG committee to devote focused attention on ESG issues, enabling in-depth analysis, reporting, and recommendations.
  • Protect our organization’s digital assets, customer data, and the trust our stakeholders place in us. Ensuring the security of our data and systems is not only a matter of corporate responsibility but also a vital component of our commitment to sustainability.

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Our Commitment

By adopting this sustainability plan, our firm commits to a comprehensive approach that embraces social, economic, and environmental sustainability. We will actively seek ways to innovate, collaborate, and inspire positive change, ensuring that our projects contribute to a more sustainable future while delivering value to our clients, employees, and communities. Through continuous improvement and collective efforts, we can make a lasting impact on society and the planet.