Discover the future of precast engineering with the Fisher Precast Suite

Seamlessly running on all operating systems and mobile devices, the Fisher Precast Suite empowers precast manufacturers to effortlessly estimate member thickness and reinforcing necessities for any square, round, or rectangular underground structure. By utilizing the Fisher Precast Suite, manufacturers can enhance their project development pipeline, receiving meticulously crafted designs in a lightning-fast time frame of three business days or less.

Revolutionizing precast engineering with a web-based application featuring powerful built-in design

Tailored to meet user-defined conditions such as live load, earth cover, and water table depth, this software analyzes each structure with utmost precision. Manufacturers can effortlessly configure their desired structure by selecting from various options like separate top slabs, monolithic top sections, riser sections, monolithic or integral base sections, and separate base slabs. With an innovative formula estimating plate coefficients based on length-to-element height ratios, the Fisher Precast Suite evaluates the bending moment of monolithic top and bottom section walls. Riser walls, on the other hand, undergo moment distribution analysis. To guide users in design adequacy, the program employs a percentage field showcasing the deviation from the required value.

A smart and intuitive precast engineering experience

The output of the Fisher Precast Suite showcases comprehensive information, allowing for easy evaluation and documentation including buoyancy check. Each component’s total concrete quantity is presented in cubic yards, while rebar quantities are displayed in pounds. Once the precast manufacturer finalizes the structure sale, the design can swiftly be transmitted to Fisher for prompt review and stamping by a licensed engineer. For added assurance, detailed calculations sealed by a Professional Engineer (availability limited to certain states) can be provided upon request.

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Fisher Precast Suite is a comprehensive online application offering specialized modules for designing precast structures. Currently, it features two key modules: Precast Vault LRFD and Precast Manhole LRFD, providing advanced tools for engineers in the precast industry. Stay tuned for future modules.

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