Geomatics (Survey & GIS)

The Geomatics Service Line offers Survey and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) services. Fisher Associates has a survey staff with extensive experience in several different industries including Transportation, Environmental, College & Universities, Architectural, Oil & Gas, Wind Energy, Mining, Railroads, Utilities, and Construction. Our team has worked around the country on projects that range in size from small and simple to large and complex.


Our Geographic Information Systems (GIS) team is a leader in providing full service GIS solutions to their clients. Projects large and small, we assess and deliver geospatial products to meet our clients’ demands in many industries including oil & gas, electric, telecom, wind, planning, transportation & municipal. With broad experience in data management, survey, environmental and engineering, Fisher Associates GIS team delivers elegant and creative solutions built around the needs of our clients.

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“Structural engineering and land surveying services are not currently offered in Illinois at this time.”

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