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GIS Projects

Buffalo Green Code Analysis

Buffalo, New York


Project Highlights:

  • Build-out Analysis
  • Transportation Analysis


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The Buffalo Green Code was a multi-year effort to implement the City’s comprehensive plan through the development of a land use plan and new place-based and form-based zoning code. Working with the prime consultant and City of Buffalo’s Office of Strategic Planning, Fisher Associates prepared a DGEIS (Draft Generic Environmental Impact Statement) that included a build-out analysis and a transportation analysis.


The build-out analysis assessed the potential impact of build-out under the city’s existing Zoning Ordinance (“No-Action”), as well as under the city’s new Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) (“Proposed Action”). The transportation analysis examined the potential impact on the transportation network based on the city’s new UDO and the build-out analysis. In addition, the analysis examined mitigation measures that could address identified impacts.

National Grid Transmission Line Rehabilitation Projects

New York


Utilized structure location data to create mapping for a wetland delineation focused on the client’s right of way. Developed a custom ArcPad application deployed to a Trimble GeoXH to aid field staff in a much more efficient data collection process. Generate mapping for SWPPPs.


  • GIS mapping
  • GIS database creation
  • GPS data collection
  • Wetland delineation
  • SDPES storm water permitting
  • NYSDEC wetland and protected stream (art 15/24) permitting
  • SWPPP inspections

Natural Gas Facility As - Built Data Collection Projects

New York and Pennsylvania


Fisher Associates routinely performs as-built data collection and integrity checks for pipeline projects of all sizes. Our staff works directly with the operator's engineers and inspectors to convert field notes into digital data. Facility data tracks pipe and fitting materials, coating material, weld/x-ray information, and field bends. Our Field Data Managers work on the right-of-way to collect GPS positions of welds and pipeline facilities. During data entry, our staff verifies data consistency and completeness while collaborating with inspectors to correct any questionable elements. The tabular and spatial data is processed to conform with the operator's APDM standards. As-built information is compiled into GIS loader tables and delivered to the client for inclusion into their enterprise GIS system.

St. Regis Mohawk Tribe Water Utilities GPS/GIS Project

Akwesasne, New York


After performing an initial needs assessment, Fisher Associates developed a water utility database for the St Regis Mohawk Tribe. We custom-programmed Trimble Geo-HX units (Sub-foot accuracy) with ArcPad to collect hydrants, hydrant valves, curb-stops, & mainline valves. Additionally, we helped interview/hire personnel, and still provide training to current staff.

  • GIS mapping
  • GIS database creation
  • Handheld GPS customization
  • GIS needs assessment
  • GPS data collection