Highway Design

At Fisher Associates, we perform all services associated with your highway projects from pavement maintenance and rehabilitation to complete reconstruction and new alignment designs. Understanding that your roadways are more than just pavement, we include design services for municipal utilities, MUTCD compliance, Signal Design, ADA requirements, roadside design, guiderail design and Work Zone Traffic Control. We incorporate full drainage design into our projects, as necessary, including open and closed drainage systems, retrofits to extend service life, replacement and reconstruction designs. We also perform pavement evaluations and pavement designs for both flexible and rigid pavements. Our experience includes detailed non-destructive testing to establish structural capacity for existing pavements, refined pavement designs for all rehabilitation treatments and new reconstruction pavement design to obtain the desired service life.


We incorporate our highway design experience and work with our local highway agency contacts to obtain utility and non-utility permits on Town, County and New York State highways. Understanding individual agency needs and submitting complete applications are the two most important factors to effectively obtain permits. Whether the project requires utility work or the construction of a new intersection, we understand what the highway officials need to see. From traffic impacts and maintenance of traffic, to sight distance and geometric design, Fisher has the experience that you need. We create a team atmosphere where everyone works together to achieve the same project objectives.

Highway Design Projects

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