Hydraulic and fathometer surveys of rivers and streams are required in order to determine the conveyance capacity of a channel and overbank areas, identify the extent of flooding, and determine the limits of regulated flood plains. At Fisher Associates, we work closely with the hydraulic engineers and regulatory agencies to define the areas in which survey data is required as the spacing and location of the sections vary depending on the characteristics of the watercourse and the purpose of the hydraulic study.


We obtain survey data at sufficient intervals to allow the carrying capacity of the stream and flood plain to be calculated. These locations include areas where the terrain changes (such as where the flow is constricted); where the alignments of the channel change (such as at bends in the stream); at hydraulic structures such as bridges, weirs, levees, etc., at stream confluences; where there are unusual features such as islands and lakes; and at other locations deemed appropriate by the survey and design team.

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