Laser Scanning Projects

Centerway Arch Bridge & Levee Bike Trail

Corning, New York


Fisher provided survey of the topographical features of the Centerway Arch Bridge and proposed Levee Bike Trail. With use of laser scanning from the safety of the ground, an in-depth inspection of the bridge was conducted to aid structural engineers in analyzing the bridge’s condition and outline the weak, fractured and delaminated concrete. Fisher’s laser scans captured the bridge fascias and spandrel walls showing areas of spalling and exposed rebar and were used to produce a three dimensional (3D) base drawing.

Services provided:

  • Hydrographic survey
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Construction inspection



  • 2014 ICRI Award of Merit - Historic Preservation
  • 2014 APWA National Projects of the Year Award Historical Preservation/ Restoration
  • 2013 ABCD Bridge Design Award (over $2M category)

High Falls Gorge Wall - 3D Laser Scanning Project

New York


Fisher Associates Survey Team performed a 3D laser scan, to capture a 3D surface model of the High Falls Gorge Wall used to initiate a monitoring program of rock wall deterioration. Surveyors captured detailed data for anchor bolts previously installed into the rock face for future measurement comparisons of movement from deep within the rock. The model established a baseline survey of the rock wall using control points and survey baselines from which future scans will be compared to determine rates of deterioration. Surveyors performed monthly precise leveling surveys for one year, to monitor possible settlement of the existing structure located directly above the rock wall.

Marcy Pedestrian Bridge

Oneida County, New York


The New York State Department of Transportation was facing conflicting pressures: preserve an accident scene and complete a new state highway project on schedule. They contacted Fisher Associates to create an accurate record of the accident scene in order to lift a court injunction prohibiting disruption of the accident site. With a very limited window of opportunity between snow melt and the start of construction activities, Fisher Associates completed the field survey and verified the data within five calendar days of authorization to proceed. This fast turnaround enabled the NYSDOT contractor to continue construction without adverse schedule impacts.

Reconstruction of NY Route 384, Buffalo Avenue

Niagara Falls, New York


This project was for the rehabilitation and restoration of the NY Route 384 corridor. Now completed, users travel along the corridor more safely and efficiently with a sense of renewal that will benefit all of the businesses and instill pride in the community. The survey for this project involved the establishment of control, laser scanning and the conventional location of key existing features throughout the length of the project. Through our processing software and CAD systems, we combined the electronic data from the laser scanning and the conventional terrestrial survey into one comprehensive, detailed three-dimensional basemap. The survey and mapping methods and procedures were all performed to the Locally Administered Federal Aid Pass Through processes.

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