Laser Scanning

In the past several years, 3D Laser Scanning has emerged as an exciting new alternative to traditional surveying methods. Fisher's offers this technology to our clients for certain projects. Laser Scanning provides high density topographic survey. By capturing a radial grid of points, it offers an oversampling of data thereby reducing the margin of error. In turn, clients can be more confident in the survey results and in some cases, consult the data for additional information on future projects. This new survey technique features ultra-fast data capture, remote measurement, 3D visualization, and colorful, informative imagery.


3D Laser Scanning has proved particularly useful when applied to building and architectural projects. Laser Scanning works well with buildings that have vertical features or features directly overhead. Because of a good angle of incidence and line-of-sight, the scanner’s beam is able to capture surfaces and points that might otherwise be inaccessible or unsafe to measure using traditional survey methods. Additionally, complex geometry often found in architectural and building projects is a natural fit for 3D Laser Scanning. It also provides convenience since a full data capture is possible despite people moving through the scanning area to enter or exit the building.


3D Laser Scanning presents many key advantages over traditional survey methods providing confidence and convenience to the client.

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