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Local roads, highways, bridges, multi-use trails, and independent pedestrian and bicycle facilities are essential to the quality of life of your community. Municipalities depend on federal dollars distributed through the LDSA program to fund these types of projects. But there are many strings attached to this funding that you must be aware of so as not to jeopardize your funding. Having a consultant who is well-versed in the federal-aid process is critical to the success of your project. Fisher Associates is not only an expert with over 20 years of experience managing LDSA projects and over 350 diverse projects under our belt, but we are our clients’ advocate. Navigating the regulatory process can be challenging. Every step of the way, we are acting in your best interest to ensure that your project progresses smoothly and you receive the maximum benefit from your federal dollars. 

We are eager to be your advocate and bring your LDSA project to fruition. We guide our clients systematically through the process and worry about the nitty gritty details and requirements so you don’t have to. Making your life easier is our job and creating a powerful client experience is our mission.

We look forward to using our expertise to be your advocate.

To learn more about some of the challenges of LDSA projects, click on a topic below or contact Emily Smith, P.E., Vice President/Director of Transportation.

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