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Meet Steve Godlewski, PE

Transportation Group Manager | Based in Albany, New York

518-909-6160 x901

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Steve is a licensed professional engineer with over 2 decades of experience specializing in transportation design. Throughout his career, he has collaborated with various entities, including local municipalities and state authorities, on a range of impactful projects. His expertise lies in managing transportation initiatives that require extensive public engagement and stakeholder coordination.

With a focus on highway reconstruction, intersection realignment, and enhancing urban connectivity, Steve excels in implementing innovative solutions. His skill set extends to integrating pedestrian and bicycle improvements into existing urban landscapes, such as introducing road diets for buffered bike lanes and constructing pedestrian/bicycle bridges to enhance connectivity between residential areas, recreational spaces, and downtown businesses.

His dedication to harmonizing community needs with engineering excellence defines his approach to delivering impactful transportation solutions. Throughout his career, Steve has consistently demonstrated meticulous attention to detail, robust project management skills, and a deep commitment to creating lasting positive impacts within communities through thoughtful infrastructure development.