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Meet Carolina Castro

Civil Engineer | Based in Houston, Texas

(713) 478-3419

Carolina Castro is a Civil Engineer in Fisher Associates Renewable Energy Group.  She routinely performs hydrology and hydraulic studies, designs erosion and sediment control measures, calculates sizing for proposed drainage improvements, and obtains required NPDES/SPDES permits.  She has authored numerous Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans for Renewable Energy projects including Utility-Scale Wind / Solar Power Generating Plants, and Battery Storage Facilities.  Carolina also has experience providing project engineering to prepare site plans including detail selection, grading & restoration plans, and Highway Work Permits drawings.  

Her vision and drive to create a renewable future are prominent in her role as leader of the Young Energy Professionals group. This group is a space for the younger generations of engineers to collaborate and have a space to talk. The goals are to grow together, whether it is helping others out with public speaking, coming up with creative solutions, or helping create resources for new hires to look at. This creates an efficient system between the staff and the director. Her diverse experience and passion in the industry is a great asset to the Renewables Team.