Our Mission

To enable our clients to realize their goals.

Our Vision & Core Values

Fisher Associates will be the consultant of choice for public and private clients who need professional design services in the Transportation, Energy and Land Development sectors.



to Excellence

Work with



Teamwork & Respect



Clientship™ Philosophy

Fisher’s philosophy on serving clients is based on our Clientship™ model. This model is based on accessibility, attention, follow-through, recovery and responsiveness. We’re accessible. Our clients have instant contact with their design team. We’re attentive to your needs. We make the design and construction process easier for you. We take that extra step to meet your unique requirements and ensure your satisfaction with the end product. We follow through on all of the services promised that shape your expectations. We all know that unforeseen circumstances may occur during this process, which is why recovery/timely correction of any problem are important. Fisher is responsive. We understand your technical and service requirements, and we adapt to meet them.

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“Structural engineering and land surveying services are not currently offered in Illinois at this time.”

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