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February 25, 2022

Road Evaluation Services For Your Project
With new development impacting new and existing roadways, it can be a challenge to gather accurate real-time road profile data for use in design and construction. Fisher Associates has developed a custom-built road survey system designed to gather data on roadways. The system is built on the software and technology platform of an inertial profiler to gather profile data for analysis of the vertical geometry.


Truck System Features 2

• Determine existing public and private road profiles to confirm existing grades and K-values.
• Confirmation of the road profile of constructed roadways to ensure contract document compliance.
• Roadway evaluation prior to component deliveries.
• As-constructed documentation of the roadway profile.
• Survey of railroad crossings to ensure proper clearance for delivery vehicles.

blade truck turn
Blade Truck Turn



Preliminary analysis of the profile date can be performed in the field utilizing a virtual straightedge. Additional analysis can be performed by exporting the field data to be imported into AutoCAD Civil 3DTM to produce profiles. The profiles can then be modeled utilizing AutoTURNTM software with the truck configurations from transportation providers.

• Safety: No need for personnel to be on the roadways; data is collected by the unit while driving.
• No traffic disruption: Data can be gathered at driving speeds, eliminating the need for traffic control.
• Speed: Can be done efficiently and effectively with one person and a vehicle, saving time and manhours.
• Localization of the data to the site: Can be paired with a survey base station for added accuracy.

Value Proposition

You asked, “Does Fisher have a more efficient, accurate and cost-effective method for evaluating roads to accommodate the passage of specialized delivery vehicles?” We answered, “We do now.”

We understand the importance of the successful delivery of materials to your construction site to keep your project on schedule and within budget. We developed a new technology that will provide quick and accurate gathering of profile data to determine if the road meets transporter requirements to minimize down time and keep your project on track.

Contact Lisa Oliver, PE, Interim Director of Energy at to discuss Road Evaluation Services for your next Energy project.

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