The Town of Victor Project

July 10, 2019

The Town of Victor has been recognized as one of the most rapidly growing communities in the state and has been striving to create a pedestrian and bike-friendly community. Fisher Associates had the opportunity to design a connectivity project that affected people in a positive manner by improving their quality of life. This project has increased the walkability of the Victor community and enhanced the transportation alternatives for both residents and visitors. We provided the design for a 10-foot wide asphalt trail along Lane Road between Taylor Rise and Canterbury Trail. The shared-use path begins at Taylor Rise with a crosswalk to get to the north side of Lane Road and ends with the crossing of Lane Road at Canterbury Trail where it ties into the existing sidewalk network. This project also installed approximately 750 linear feet of 7-foot wide sidewalk along the northeastern edge of High Street within the Village closing a gap in the existing sidewalks on High Street. Fisher Associates has had a long-term relationship with the Town of Victor and was pleased to be able to work collaboratively with the Town and the Community on this project.

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