Cheektowaga Central School District


Cheektowaga, NY

Key Contact

Mike Bogardus Headshot Outdoor BR
Mike Bogardus, P.L.S. Director of Geomatics

Project Story

Fisher Associates completed both Boundary and Topographic Surveying and Mapping services for the Cheektowaga City School District. The surveys were requested for the Main Campus and Pine Hill Education Center to assist with the engineering and design of new improvements. In order to give a comprehensive analysis, our Geomatics team provided the invert depth, pipe sizes, pipe types, and flow directions for all sanitary and storm sewer structures. Our Survey team also researched available deeds, tax maps and survey maps to ensure the Cheektowaga City School District had all information necessary to implement improvements. As the project progressed, Fisher also provided Land Development Civil Engineering services such as drainage and ESC designs, review of final construction documents, and Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) services.

Project Photos

Cheektowaga 3
Cheektowaga 2