City of Troy


Troy, NY

Key Contact

Don Naetzker Headshot
Donald Naetzker, RLA, AICP Director of Planning

Project Story

Fisher Associates was part of a team that developed a series of planning documents to guide future developments for the City of Troy, NY.  These included the Troy Comprehensive Plan, Downtown Strategic Economic Development Plan, and the Local Waterfront Revitalization Plan (LWRP). The concurrent development of these three plans was designed to achieve several efficiencies and cost savings by consolidating overlapping efforts required for each initiative. The resulting products are complementing strategies that support the city’s vision as established in the Comprehensive Plan, enhance the economic vitality of downtown, and support the relevant local policies identified as part of the LWRP.

Fisher’s role in the project included inventory and analysis, assessment of transportation mobility conditions, natural resource and cultural assets, and the formulation of recommendations and strategies to improve mobility, address brownfield sites, and rehabilitate historic resources.  Fisher also assisted with the LWRP document which included development of the inventory and local coastal policies.

Project Photos

Troy Comp Plan 3 scaled
Troy Comp Plan 2 scaled
Troy Comp Plan 6
Troy Comp Plan 5 scaled
Troy Comp Plan 4 scaled