Cornell University


Ithaca, NY

Key Contact

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Kimberly Michaels, RLA, LEED AP Vice President, Director of Landscape Architecture

Fisher Associates delivered a sophisticated site design solution for the new building addition at Cornell Law School, seamlessly integrating modern functionality with the campus’s historic Gothic architecture. The project involved incorporating an underground classroom and an auditorium while addressing the challenge of an underutilized courtyard space.

Our team revitalized the courtyard by lowering its elevation to foster indoor-outdoor connectivity and enhance accessibility. Embracing a classic formal quad layout adorned with granite pavers and solid stone walls, our design harmonizes with the Gothic architectural style, embodying the essence of scholarly pursuit. Thoughtful amenities such as seating areas, ADA-compliant access points, and grand stairs leading to the lawn ensure a welcoming environment for all.

Sustainable features like a green roof atop the underground structure and a sand filter system for stormwater management were incorporated. By marrying functionality with aesthetic integrity, Fisher Associates has left a lasting mark on the Cornell Law School campus, enriching its built environment, and fostering a conducive atmosphere for learning and collaboration.

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Project Photos

#34 606 S RT V2
34 606 R RT V2