Cattaraugus County Department of Public Works


Cattaraugus County, NY

Key Contact

Brook Bertig Coll
Brook Bertig-Coll Director of Environmental

Project Story

The road surface of County Route 30 throughout Cattaraugus County needed to be rehabilitated (milled pavement and upper portion of sub-base) and material re-laid. Roadside drainage was modified to move drainage swales further way from the roadway and improve the drainage profile. The project resulted in impacts to both wetlands and streams along the roadway.

Fisher helped the Cattaraugus County DPW to mitigate two wetlands, restore one stream and enhance three other streams channels throughout the county. Fisher performed the threatened and endangered species screening, surface and groundwater evaluation, wetland and stream delineation, and cultural resource screening. Once the extent of wetland impacts were known, Fisher developed a compensatory wetland mitigation plan and designed the wetland mitigation site plan. The three streams were enhanced and stabilized to prevent bank erosion and flooding for public safety, through the help of Fisher designing bank stabilization measures for each. Fisher interfaced with government agencies, and completed a joint NYSDEC and USACE permit. Fisher worked closely with county, state, and federal officials to design, build, and monitor the sites to ensure the project and mitigation was a success.

Project Photos

County Route 30 scaled
County Route 30 4 scaled
County Route 30 3 scaled
County Route 30 2 scaled