Enbridge Energy


Buffalo, NY

Key Contact

Lisa Oliver Headshot Outdoor BR
Lisa Oliver, P.E. Director of Energy

Project Story

Fisher provided a Boundary, Topographic, and Utility survey of three proposed pipeline re-route areas along the existing Enbridge Energy Line 10 located in Buffalo, NY. The three sites included areas along Millersport Highway at I-290; Maple Road at I-290; and Walden Avenue at I-90. Each site required field staff to detect, mark and locate the existing pipelines within the project limits. Other utility services were compiled from field locations visible at the time of the survey and the operating company records. Boundary lines and highway right-of-ways were also determined. The timeline for completion was critical to this project, as all survey was completed within three weeks.

Project Photos

Enbridge Line 10 Photo 2
Enbridge Line 10 Photo 3
Enbridge Line 10 Photo 4 scaled
Enbridge Line 10 Photo 5 scaled
Enbridge Line 10 Photo 6
Enbridge Line 10 Photo 1