Seneca County Industrial Development Agency


Romulus, NY

Key Contact

Mike Bogardus Headshot Outdoor BR
Mike Bogardus, P.L.S. Director of Geomatics

Project Story

Fisher Associates was selected to provide GIS services to Seneca County Industrial Development Agency (IDA), New York. As part of their economic development activities, the Seneca County IDA required a geographically referenced database of their facilities, including roads, water mains, sanitary sewers, natural gas, and other services in order to attract businesses to the area and to analyze what services and utilities were available.

One key component of this initiative was a water system evaluation, which involved three tasks:

For the first task, Fisher digitized the available water main and sanitary sewer map layers for Seneca County’s GIS database. This was specifically achieved through developing layers that incorporated existing GIS data with digitized locations of the remaining county-wide water mains and sanitary sewers.

For the second task, Fisher performed a depot water system evaluation. This involved obtaining hydrant flow test and system data, spot elevations along the system at key points, calibrating the existing water flow model, and analyzing and evaluating that water flow model for potential upgrades. The results of this evaluation were then submitted in a final report.

In the final task, Fisher developed a set of procedures to allow the Seneca County IDA staff to utilize their GIS database to generate maps for reports, grant applications, land use analysis, and development opportunities.

Project Photos

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