Town of Brighton


Rochester, NY

Key Contact

Emily Smith
Emily Smith, P.E. Vice President, Director of Transportation

Project Story

The Erie Canalway Trail, Genesee Riverway Trail, and Highland Park see hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. The trail project connects the Town of Brighton and the City of Rochester. The three point three mile long, $1.9M project included both on-road and off-road trail segments. The on-road segments entailed upgrades to existing roadways to accommodate shoulders or bike lanes and sidewalk improvements to enhance pedestrian mobility and access.

The off-road segment consists of a 10-foot-wide trail that crosses five roadways and passes through historic Highland Park. This required coordination with SHPO to ensure no adverse historic or archaeological impacts. Coordination with the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers was also required as the trail passes through a wooded wetland where a boardwalk existed. The existing boardwalk did not meet current design standards and its alignment did not minimize impacts to the wetland. Therefore, the project replaced the boardwalk with a new one that meets current standards, and it was realigned to minimize impacts to the wetland.

Coordination with five municipal agencies involved in ownership or maintenance of the trail was required along with the acquisition of easements from 10 parcels and preparation of an Intermunicipal Agreement for the trail to pass through Highland Park. The project also included pedestrian signal improvements at four signalized intersections where the trailed crossed, a bicycle contraflow lane on a one-way street, and extensive wayfinding signage to guide users along the three point three mile trail and safely transition them between the off-road and on-road segments.

Project Photos

highland trail transportation 58 scaled
highland trail transportation 38 scaled
highland park 68 scaled
highland park 46 scaled