New York State Department of Transportation


Binghamton, NY

Key Contact

Emily Smith
Emily Smith, P.E. Vice President, Director of Transportation

Project Story

This project involved reconstruction of the I-81/NYS Route 17 interchange over the Chenango River in the City of Binghamton, including the replacement of the six bridge spans over the Chenango River, replacement of two existing mainline bridges over local roads, construction of a new partial interchange and mainline bridge, and reconstruction of three point three miles of the adjacent sections of Route 17, I-81 along with the 17/81 overlap area. The project was needed to correct operational and safety deficiencies and to bring Route 17 and the interchange up to interstate standards as part of the new I-86 corridor throughout the Southern Tier.

  • Traffic volume development and level of service analysis for existing AM and PM peak periods and critical construction stages to determine traffic impacts during construction.
  • Development of work zone traffic control plans consisting of 228 drawings that included:
    • Five primary construction stages
    • Three sub-stages to complete priority areas and
    • Re-open ramps
    • Incentive/disincentive for completion of priority areas
    • 20 temporary areas
    • Eight detours
    • Staging of retaining walls and drainage
  • Facilitation of a constructability review by a committee of contractors, including coordination of constructability review meetings and compilation of all information for committee review.
  • Development of 4D visualization models for existing conditions and two critical construction stages to depict traffic operations and travel patterns during construction. Visualization models merged projected traffic simulation models with 3D models of physical features such as roadways, bridges, noise walls, pavement markings, signs, and concrete barriers producing a 4D simulation model.

Project Photos

81 1
81 5
I 81 Interchange Overview
I 81 Interchange Overview2