Monroe County Department of Transportation


Monroe County, NY

Key Contact

Emily Smith
Emily Smith, P.E. Vice President, Director of Transportation

In conjunction with Monroe County Department of Transportation, Fisher Associates undertook a preventive maintenance initiative to enhance the driving surface along Long Pond Road from Ridgeway Avenue to Janes Road, as well as the Mitchell Road section within the Town of Greece. The primary objective was to extend the pavement’s service life by 15 years. 

To achieve this objective, the top 2 inches of pavement underwent milling and resurfacing, accompanied by spot repairs to the pavement base as needed. Adjustments to drainage structures and utility valves, replacement of traffic signal loops, and installation of new pavement markings were necessary for the resulting pavement enhancements. Additionally, outdated drainage systems underwent repairs and improvements after a thorough visual inspection within the paving limits. While concrete and plastic pipes were deemed acceptable, many metal pipes were nearing the end of their lifespan. Consequently, segments of corrugated metal pipes were televised to evaluate the overall system condition, and upgrades including pipe lining were implemented where necessary. 

The project also focused on improving pedestrian accessibility by upgrading curb ramps and adding pedestrian signals to comply with current ADA standards. Furthermore, a comprehensive safety assessment of the corridor, including an analysis of 813 crashes, was conducted. Based on the findings, adjustments were made to lane widths, signage, and striping to enhance safety throughout the corridor. Bike lanes were added to segments of the corridor where appropriate width was available.  

Project Photos

PM9 LongPond 20
PM9 LongPond 67
PM9 LongPond 54
PM9 LongPond 87