Monroe County Department of Transportation


Monroe County, NY

Key Contact

Emily Smith
Emily Smith, P.E. Vice President, Director of Transportation

Project Story

Whitney Road, an Urban Minor Arterial in the Town of Perinton, consisted of two, ten-foot travel lanes with one- to two-foot shoulders. The goal of this project was to extend the service life of the pavement structure between Turk Hill Road and Howell Road, ensure a comprehensive drainage system was incorporated, and widen the shoulder to improve safety.

The design for this project included milling and resurfacing the existing travel lanes and constructing new shoulders with concrete gutters along one segment of the roadway and a curbed section with new closed drainage along the remaining roadway segment. The design maintained the ten-foot travel wide lanes in both segments but provided four-foot shoulders within the three-foot gutter section, and six-foot-wide shoulders within the curbed section. A new concrete sidewalk was constructed on the south side of Whitney Road from Amsterdam Drive to Howell Road where sidewalks did not previously exist, and the existing sidewalk from Watson Road to Lanaray Park on the north side of the road was replaced with new ADA compliant five-foot-wide concrete sidewalk. This project also included full-depth reconstruction for vertical curve improvements at spot locations throughout the corridor.

Since construction activities resulted in soil disturbance of more than one acre, submission of a Notice of Intent (NOI) for coverage under the SPDES General Permit for Stormwater Discharges from Construction Sites was required. Pursuant to coverage under this permit, Fisher Associates prepared a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) containing provisions for both construction phase and post-construction stormwater management controls.

Project Photos

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