City of Rochester


Rochester, NY

Key Contact

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Kimberly Michaels, RLA, LEED AP Vice President, Director of Landscape Architecture

Fisher Associates was part of a multi-disciplinary team for the City of Rochester Inner Loop North Transformation Study. This study built on the momentum of the recently completed Inner Loop East Transformation Project. The focus of this study, similar to the previous Inner Loop East Project, was to identify strategies to restore the city street grid, which separated downtown neighborhoods after the construction of the Inner Loop expressway in the 1960s. This planning effort supported local community development, worked toward establishing a strong and safe multi-modal environment, and promoted economic sustainability and equality within downtown and local neighborhoods. 

Fisher’s role focused on transportation analysis, land use planning, community engagement and urban design. Design tasks included preparing alternative concept designs exploring pedestrian and bicycle connectivity improvements, smart-growth redevelopment and greenspace opportunities, and sustainability enhancements to create a socially vibrant urban corridor. The community engagement strategy focused on outreach with residents and neighborhood groups, ensured local perspectives and insights were incorporated throughout the process. As part of the process, the Racial Equity Subcommittee was formed to identify metrics and considerations for inclusion in the assessment of design alternatives. 

The completion of this planning study sets the stage for final design, engineering, and construction in the coming years. 

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