City of Rochester Department of Neighborhood and Business Development


Rochester, NY

Key Contact

Don Naetzker Headshot
Donald Naetzker, RLA Director of Planning

Project Story

Working with the City of Rochester Department of Neighborhood and Business Development, Fisher Associates examined parking and mobility assets along the dynamic and eclectic Monroe Avenue corridor. The goal of the study was to provide a comprehensive assessment of existing parking and mobility assets in order to develop recommendations that expanded transportation choice, increased parking availability, and improved the pedestrian realm.

To accomplish this goal, the one-year study included the following:

Public Engagement & Survey: Public involvement was a critical component throughout the study. Stakeholders were provided opportunities to participate in a comprehensive survey, traditional public meetings, and public information booths during neighbor-hood events.

Supply & Demand Analysis: Through intensive field work, Fisher documented, mapped, and analyzed the location and restrictions associated with on-street and off-street parking supply. Eight parking demand utilization counts were completed to document, map, and analyze the daily variations with this supply.

Needs & Opportunities Assessment: Based on the information collected, Fisher completed a needs and opportunities assessment that identified the factors impacting parking and mobility. This assessment provided the framework for developing recommendations.

Recommendations & Implementation Plan: Each recommendation was developed to improve the function of parking and mobility while encouraging the use of other travel modes. Recommendations addressed existing facilities, demand, and capacity management.

Project Photos

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