Monroe County Department of Environmental Services


Monroe County, NY

Key Contact

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Mike Bogardus, P.L.S. Director of Geomatics

Project Story

Fisher Associates provided professional Geographic Information System (GIS) term services for Monroe County projects and facilities on an as-needed basis. The assignments varied in scale and involvement and often required a prompt turnaround of services. Assignments included a range of planning phase services, maintenance and support services for various county systems, and data related to GIS for various county facilities, infrastructure, and assets in accordance with applicable federal, state, and local laws and best management practices. 

Assignment #1: Fisher Associates created a tool to update the election district map books with a dynamic modifying table. This tool generates a PDF map for each Board of Elections District. For each Election District, the Legislative Districts are displayed alongside the roads. Each road is also indexed to a grid reference with the road index key displayed over the map.

Assignment #2: Fisher Associates created a tool that updates the layer source for selected Map Exchange Documents (MXD) within a specific directory and subdirectories. This tool allows the user to redirect broken links of feature classes within the specified documents.

Assignment #3: Fisher Associates created a tool that generates a PDF map for each municipality in Monroe County. In addition, each road is indexed to a grid reference. Given the large variation in the number of streets per municipality, the tool dynamically resizes the output road index key.

Assignment #4: Fisher Associates created a new coded base map for Monroe County to use on all of their publicly-facing web maps. This assignment involved updating all regions of interest as well as giving Monroe County’s web maps an elevated design. In order to achieve this, all GIS personnel was tasked with designing their own new base map and the best ideas from each were used in the various zoom levels of the final base map, which can be viewed on their website.

Assignment #5: Fisher Associates created a tool to generate a PDF map for indexing any points of interest as they relate to regions of interest. The tool was created to generalize the Board of Elections Tool and Town Map Tool such that any data could be used to reference any point of interest to a corresponding spatial reference grid.

Assignment #6: Fisher Associates created building footprints for Monroe County. These footprints were digitized from LIDAR images provided by the County.

Assignment #7: Fisher Associates created a tool to compile Monroe County’s building CAD files into a format that allows the client to update their facility floorplan view. This tool also reports to the client which floorplans have spatially changed.

Assignment #8: Fisher Associates created a census dataset that was customized for Monroe County to be able to get a clearer view of its demography. This task included searching for data such as age, gender, housing value, and employment. The data was then organized into tables to feature classes corresponding to the spatial component of each zip code and census block. Finally, a metadata table was compiled so that each demographic dataset could be traced to its data source.

Assignment #9: Fisher Associates updated a portion of Monroe County’s sewer infrastructure. This task involved reviewing missing information from the county’s feature classes representing sewer mains and manholes and updating that information based on the provided mile square as-builts. Information such as pipe material, pipe diameter, and as-built number were updated.

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Monroe County TA GIS

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