Gordon W. Jones Associates, Architects (Newark Central School District)


Newark, NY

Key Contact

Tom Lucey
Tom Lucey, P.E. Director of Land Development

Project Story

Newark Central School District enhanced the beauty and functionality of their school sites by teaming with Gordon W. Jones Associates, Architects and Fisher to create designs for updated athletic facilities, correcting drainage issues, and improving the efficiency of existing site features.

Site improvements included:

  • Newark High School
    • Resurface athletic track and upgrade the track to include additional lane and regulation spurs.
    • New sod football field within the athletic track.
    • Grading and stormwater management design for the multi-purpose athletic field.
    • Grading and stormwater management design for the new concession stand.
    • Grading design with diversionary stormwater measures for new retaining walls south of the athletic track and multi-purpose athletic fields.
  • Kelley Intermediate School
    • Improve existing stormwater management in the rear parking lot.
  • Perkins Elementary School
    • Redesign bus loop layout to improve bus parking and mobilization.
    • Grading and stormwater management design for bus loop improvements.
  • Lincoln Elementary School
    • Improve existing stormwater management in the bus loop.
    • Grading and stormwater management improvement design in the parking lot.

Fisher provided site/grading design, stormwater management design, stormwater pollution prevention planning (SWPPP), stormwater permitting support, and SWPPP inspection services.

Stormwater design features included:

  • Existing stormwater infrastructure modifications to high school athletic track and football field – design modifications to the existing stormwater conveyance system to accommodate runoff from precipitation.
  • High School multi-purpose athletic field stormwater catchment system and underground storage chamber system – series of underdrain pipes below the field, designed to collect stormwater and direct it to the new underground storage chamber system. The underground chamber system allows for the stormwater to infiltrate into the ground.
  • Hydrodynamic stormwater separator in Kelley Intermediate School parking lot – designed to treat stormwater by filtering out solids caught in the catch basin.
  • Improved stormwater outlet from existing parking lot catch basin at Kelley Intermediate School – headwall outlet to adjacent Military Run had become buried.
  • Stormwater management redesign for Perkins Elementary School bus loop – revise existing stormwater management conveyance system to coincide with revised bus loop layout.
  • Improved stormwater management for Lincoln Elementary School bus loop and parking lot – regraded parking lot and added stormwater catchment structures to address drainage issues on site.

Project Photos

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