Cornell University


Ithaca, NY

Key Contact

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Kimberly Michaels, RLA, LEED AP Vice President, Director of Landscape Architecture

At Cornell University, the first two years of the educational journey are pivotal for students’ academic growth, personal development, and community building. Recognizing this, Cornell embarked on the North Campus Residential Expansion (NCRE) project to provide more intentional support during these formative years.

Adding 2,000 beds and a dining facility to North Campus, the NCRE addresses the pressing need for on-campus housing, offering developmentally appropriate accommodations for all first-year students while allowing sophomores to remain on site. This initiative also alleviates housing pressures in nearby neighborhoods.

The team worked closely with the university and architect to provide a site design that reflects the importance of open space on campus. The design is rooted in a hierarchy of memorable open spaces that are flexible, accessible, and interconnected. These spaces include large, open lawns, shade trees, understory plantings as well as terraced stormwater planters and an outdoor amphitheater.

Project Photos

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Rendered PLAN masked to LOD