Village of Port Chester


Port Chester, NY

Key Contact

Don Naetzker Headshot
Donald Naetzker, RLA, AICP Director of Planning

Project Story

Fisher Associates was part of a comprehensive and diverse team of planners, designers, architects, engineers, analysts, and legal experts to develop a form-based code for the Village of Port Chester, NY.  Fisher worked with the Village and with Town Planning & Urban Design Collaborative (TPUDC) to prepare a Build-Out Analysis. This enabled the Village to estimate and describe the amount and location of future development that may occur from the implementation of the new form-based code. The Build-Out Analysis projected the maximum reasonable development of the village’s core, where most growth is likely to occur over a 20-year period, by considering existing site conditions, utility capacity, infrastructure, and development constraints.  The analysis quantified the potential number of dwelling units and gross square feet of non-residential development that can be absorbed over that period.

Fisher prepared the Generic Environmental Impact Statement (“GEIS”) for SEQRA compliance. The GEIS reviewed the potential impact of the new form-based code by setting specific conditions or criteria under which future actions will be taken as development occurs. The review included an evaluation of existing conditions within the study area, the potential impacts of the proposed action, the mitigation that proposed to address such impacts, alternatives to the proposed action, and conditions and criteria under which future actions will be undertaken or approved. Fisher was responsible for assisting the Village with all facets of SEQRA compliance from EAF preparation and public scoping to the preparation of the Draft and Final Environmental Impact Statement and Statement of Findings.

Project Photos

Port Chester NY railroad station
Port Chester
Port Chester 2