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Emily Smith
Emily Smith, P.E. Vice President, Director of Transportation

Crittenden Boulevard is an important multi-use corridor within the City of Rochester providing access to Strong Memorial Hospital – the largest employer within Monroe County, and the University of Rochester (U of R) which enrolls approximately 6,800 undergraduate and 5,000 graduate students. With the recent redevelopment of this area of the City as the U of R’s Collegetown, boasting numerous restaurants, coffee shops, and retail businesses, this project, while titled “Preventive Maintenance”, was much more.   

Extending the life of the existing pavement is an important component of all preventive maintenance projects and this one was no different. This section of Crittenden Boulevard, which exhibited edge and longitudinal cracking, wheel path rutting, potholes and settlement around drainage structures, was in definite need of rehabilitation to extend the service life another 20 years. However, there was a significant mobility component of this project as well with the goal of implementing a “complete streets” solution that safely and efficiently accommodates pedestrians, bicyclists, and public transit in addition to motorists throughout this bustling corridor. 

The pavement condition was readily addressed with a cold milling and asphalt overlay rehabilitation treatment with spot full depth reconstruction in areas where the subbase had been compromised. A truing and leveling course was also installed to restore pavement cross slope and improve the flow of stormwater to the drainage structures. Other preventive maintenance improvements included:

  • Adjustment of utility appurtenances
  • Adjustment or replacement of catch basin frames and grates and manhole frames and covers
  • New pavement markings and signage
  • Traffic signal modifications
  • Adjustment of sewer and water castings
  • Catch basin repairs
  • Replacement of traffic loops

A complete streets philosophy was incorporated allowing for safe, multi-modal access throughout the project corridor. This included implementation of a road-diet to reduce the number of travel lanes from two lanes in each direction to one to accommodate 5-foot-wide dedicated bicycle lanes on both sides of the roadway. Pedestrian accommodations were provided with concrete sidewalks along both the north and south sides of Crittenden Boulevard. Existing pedestrian ramps were equipped with ADA tactile warning devices. Fisher was responsible for project basemapping, preliminary design, final design, and construction phase services. Due to the neighboring institutional and residential properties, coordination and communication during the construction phase was critical. The project area impacted both pedestrian and vehicular service to both institutions so weekly communication was necessary to ensure safe access was always maintained. A public outreach program was conducted to coordinate project efforts with other ongoing improvement projects and receive feedback from the end users of the roadway.

Project Photos

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