City of Syracuse


Syracuse, NY

Key Contact

Emily Smith
Emily Smith, P.E. Vice President, Director of Transportation

Fisher Associates spearheaded a comprehensive roadway improvement project that involved the milling and resurfacing of Solar Street’s existing pavement surface, extending from Hiawatha Boulevard to 700 feet east of Bear Street. The process included a 3.5” milling of Solar Street, followed by a two-course overlay comprising a 1.5” top course and a 2.0” binder course. 

To enhance accessibility, all existing, non-compliant sidewalks were replaced with new ADA-compliant sidewalks. Over 2,500 feet of new sidewalks were constructed along both sides of Solar Street, seamlessly connecting DestiNY USA Mall to the Inner Harbor. In a deliberate effort to visually narrow the corridor and support the city’s reforestation goals, more than 60 trees were strategically planted along the roadway. 

The project prioritized pedestrian safety by upgrading or installing new pedestrian signals at all signalized intersections in accordance with current ADA standards. Additionally, rectangular rapid flashing beacons (RRFB) were strategically placed, including one at a high-volume mid-block pedestrian crossing on Solar Street and another at a pedestrian refuge island with an uncontrolled, channelized right-turn movement. 

A Hazardous Waste/Contaminated Materials (HW/CM) Assessment of the project corridor was conducted, revealing 180 spills in the project area and a site that was historically used as a major oil storage facility. Soil borings along the project’s right-of-way were performed, uncovering semi-volatile organic compounds and heavy metals surpassing NYSDEC soil cleanup objectives. Consequently, environmental monitoring and specialized disposal measures were instituted during construction to address and mitigate the identified contamination in disturbed areas. 

This multi-faceted roadway improvement project resulted in a corridor with enhanced rideability and service life. Improved pedestrian safety, increased driver awareness of pedestrians in the corridor, and vegetative roadside betterments. 

Project Photos

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