Genesee County Highway Department


Batavia, NY

Key Contact

Emily Smith
Emily Smith, P.E. Vice President, Director of Transportation

Fisher Associates spearheaded a crucial project involving the replacement of an aging truss bridge. The need for replacement arose due to the closure of the existing structure, prompted by safety concerns linked to its deteriorating condition. 

Our seasoned team adeptly tackled numerous hurdles during the design phase, culminating in the recommendation and construction of a new steel truss bridge that adhered to heightened structural standards. This new bridge not only promised an extended service life but also promised reduced maintenance costs for the historically significant site it served. Careful consideration of hydraulic requirements and roadway geometry was pivotal for a project situated in a flood-prone area. 

The new bridge features a single-span modified Warren through truss design with galvanized rolled steel shapes. It provides two 11-foot travel lanes, two 2-foot shoulders, and a single-slope concrete barrier for truss protection.  

Despite the challenges, our design successfully accommodated a wider two-lane configuration with a shallow structure depth. Thoughtfully placed abutments ensured the preservation of existing channel conditions. On the east side, we added a sidewalk supported by outboard cantilevers, along with a strategically positioned crosswalk for pedestrian convenience. 

Our responsibilities extended beyond the bridge itself, encompassing the realignment of South Lyon Street to optimize its intersection with South Main Street. Approach work was seamlessly integrated to maintain the area’s historical context while ensuring smooth transitions between the relocated intersection, the adjacent roadway, and sidewalks. 

Navigating the congested project site demanded extensive utility coordination, including the installation of outboard utility hangers for a gas main. We efficiently handled right-of-way acquisitions, including eminent domain proceedings for riverbanks from an unidentified owner. 

When the South Lyon Street over Tonawanda Creek Bridge Replacement Project wrapped up in the summer of 2023 and the bridge was reopened to traffic following a two-year safety and construction closure, the Batavia community received a substantial upgrade and a long-awaited reestablishment of a vital link between the West Main Street commercial district and the residential community on the opposite side of Tonawanda Creek.   

Project Photos

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