WS Development Corporation


Amherst, NY

Key Contact

Tom Lucey
Tom Lucey, P.E. Director of Land Development

Project Story

Fisher Associates provided extensive land development services, infrastructure design, and construction administration for this market-leading multi-phase redevelopment project. The +32 acre project is the first large-scale work-shop-play concept in Western New York. The existing site was an out-of-date strip retail plaza and is being demolished and transformed into a center that combines new restaurant and shopping opportunities, with modern concepts including entertainment venues and shared workspaces.

This project presented both traditional and unique challenges in transforming the dilapidated shopping plaza into a modern destination with updated infrastructure. As with many aged sites, Fisher understood the challenges were not just providing the improvements for the project, but often rectifying issues from prior infrastructure projects. Fisher’s services for the project included site design, utility infrastructure design and inspection, stormwater design and inspection, planning and zoning, and traffic and transportation engineering. Special challenges of the project included:

Unique planning and zoning challenges: Fisher worked closely with the Town of Amherst since the site contained a mix of uses not typical in the project area. For example, a site-specific parking study was completed for the parking demand that varied for use and time of day. We worked with the Town through the myriad of planning and zoning reviews, including breaking out the impacts of the mix of uses.

Utility challenges: Fisher worked extensively with the client and the utility agencies to not only coordinate new utilities for the site but also coordinate with existing utilities’ constraints. Significant storm, sanitary sewer, and gas main facilities in the area each presented challenges that restricted the capacity and location of new utilities. Work included an extensive design report for sanitary sewer and coordination with the Town, County, and State due to a consent decree in place for the area of the Town. Work also included contending with a stream previously re-routed through a major box culvert and a large transmission gas main in the area.

Transportation challenges: The site is located in a heavily developed and traveled corridor that required extensive evaluation and improvements to transportation and pedestrian facilities. Fisher worked closely with the client, Town, County, and State. We prepared a detailed analysis of traffic and designed improvements to transportation and pedestrian facilities.

Infrastructure Rectification: As with many aged sites, Fisher understood the challenges were not just with the proposed new improvements for the project, but also that there were issues with existing infrastructure not directly related to the project. This included utility and pedestrian facilities.

Utility Inspections: In addition to the utility design services, Fisher is providing inspections of the water, sanitary, and stormwater systems for post-construction certification. The owner wanted a qualified professional involved that they trusted to provide these services versus a typical inspection agency.

Fisher has completed the design work for the initial two phases of the project, and is currently providing construction administration services. In addition to traditional reviews and advising, Fisher is an active advisor to the owner that requires us to be on site multiple times a week to pro-actively address issues.

Project Photos

northtown phase 1 23 scaled
northtown phase 1 22 scaled
northtown phase 1 21 scaled
northtown phase 1 20 scaled