SUNY Brockport


Brockport, NY

Key Contact

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Kimberly Michaels, RLA, LEED AP Vice President, Director of Landscape Architecture

In response to their evolving needs, SUNY Brockport embarked on a journey to revitalize the 75-acre core of the north campus. Initially conceived to address aging subsurface utilities, the project quickly evolved into a comprehensive landscape transformation endeavor.

The goal was clear: reimagine the campus landscape to emphasize community identity, accessibility, and sustainability. From crafting a comprehensive master plan to executing two build phases, our design aimed to create a welcoming environment that integrates seamlessly with the adjacent Erie Canal and surrounding community.

The first phase involved demolishing a 12’ high brick wall, symbolizing a shift from isolation to openness. This pivotal change opened campus views and created inviting spaces that redefine the campus experience. Key considerations in subsequent phases of the project included were providing universal ADA access through integrated ramps and designing pedestrian connectors that blend functionality with aesthetic appeal. While prioritizing pedestrian circulation and safety, another major change to the campus was reversing the main vehicular and pedestrian circulation alignments to minimize conflicts and improve initial appeal of the campus.

Through thoughtful design and meticulous planning, our design brands SUNY Brockport as a vibrant center of higher education accessible to all, fostering a sense of belonging and engagement for students, faculty, and visitors alike.

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