SUNY Cobleskill


Cobleskill, NY

Key Contact

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Kimberly Michaels, RLA, LEED AP Vice President, Director of Landscape Architecture

SUNY Cobleskill embarked on an ambitious multiyear, multiphase project aimed at revitalizing the campus core across 10 acres. Fisher Associates spearheaded the design team, focusing on reconstructing green spaces, plazas, walkways, and utilities in three phases to enhance the campus experience and functionality.

The project’s primary goal was to establish high-impact, low-maintenance design standards while fostering community interaction. This included creating a pedestrian spine with outdoor gathering spaces and ensuring continuous ADA-accessible routes throughout the core campus. Notable features include a new plaza near the administration building honoring campus members in the armed forces and a reconstructed pedestrian bridge enhancing the entrance experience.

Utilizing durable materials like granite and bluestone, the project emphasized longevity and aesthetics, incorporating granite cobble gutters for walkway delineation and LED pedestrian lighting for sustainability. These enhancements not only improve campus functionality but also showcase SUNY Cobleskill’s commitment to creating an inviting, inclusive, and sustainable campus environment.

Photos © David R. Miller

Project Photos

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