Pennsylvania Department of Transportation - District 1


Edinboro, PA

Key Contact

Emily Smith
Emily Smith, P.E. Vice President, Director of Transportation

Project Story

This project involved improvements at the intersection of SR 3006 (Route 6N) and SR 99 and another adjacent intersection. Drivers experience long delays at this intersection, and it has also been the site of multiple accidents and drainage issues. In addition, the intersection needed upgraded pedestrian accommodations to improve pedestrian safety.

Tasks performed include traffic data collection at seven intersections, traffic data analysis of existing and future conditions, preparation of the purpose and needs technical memorandum, and developing feasible and innovative intersection alternatives as well as analyzing each alternative for the study area intersections to develop an alternative analysis matrix to assist in the selection of a preferred alternate.

Synchro models were developed for the base condition and the future alternatives. Our team worked with local officials, business owners, and the community during the development of four alternative solutions that included geometric improvements, a roundabout, and eliminating left turns at on Route 6N at the SR 99 intersection, and diverting this traffic to other routes.

Fisher conducted numerous public meetings, a meeting with the business community, a meeting with local elected officials, and the community and public leaders reached a consensus on the preferred alternative, which was to implement geometric and signal phasing and timing improvements in addition to signal coordination with an adjacent intersection. This preferred alternative avoids impacts to a local historical landmark that was a primary concern for the community. Fisher is working on the final design for the preferred solution, which will improve the operations of the intersection and safety by reducing accidents.

Project Photos

PennDOT d1 1 scaled
PennDOT d1 scaled