Key Contact

Lisa Oliver Headshot Outdoor BR
Lisa Oliver, P.E. Director of Energy

The electrical team at Fisher Associates is committed to providing a more effective and sustainable grid through our Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) design engineering and consultancy services. We collaborate with EPCs, developers, and utility partners — from basic concept ideas all the way through commissioning — to design and implement innovative BESS solutions with precision, accuracy, and customized attention to each project’s unique needs.

Our team has extensive experience working with a wide range of battery chemistries (LFP, NMC, NiCad, Lead Acid), applications (micro grid, backup generation, renewables firming, grid support), configurations (containerized, outdoor enclosure, and building-based), and system sizes (ranging from 1MWh to over 2GWh).

Our BESS electrical engineering services include:

  • Configurational design
  • Feasibility studies
  • Energy and life cycle cost analysis
  • RFP/bid administration
  • Detailed electrical design engineering
  • Engineer/designer of record
  • Owner’s engineering and representation
  • Third-party engineering peer review
  • System studies
  • DigSilent/ETAP modeling
  • DC electrical design
  • AC collection system design
  • Substation design engineering and procurement
  • POI interconnection support and cost analysis
  • Commissioning