Key Contact

Ed Kostowniak
Ed Kostowniak, P.E. Vice President, Director of Energy

Fisher Associates offers a full suite of NERC compliance services to help our clients mitigate risks and avoid significant negative impacts.  Our NERC compliance services team is comprised of Subject Matter Experts, with past experience as NERC Auditors and NERC Audit Team Leads (ATL).  We are well-experienced in clients across industries, assisting:

  • Renewable owners and operators (GO, GOP Functions)
  • Transmission operators and owners (TO and TOP Functions)
  • Balancing authorities
  • Load-serving entities
  • Generation owners and operators (Conventional GO / GOP Assets)

Our NERC compliance services include:

  • Compliance program development
  • Risk assessment and gap analysis
  • Pre- and post-audit support
  • NERC 693 O&P testing services