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Brook Bertig Coll
Brook Bertig-Coll Director of Environmental

Environmental Management Expertise

A thorough understanding of the environmental laws, regulations and resource management issues is critical to obtaining your project permits in a timely manner.  This requires accurate identification of environmental resources, and effectively demonstrating efforts to avoid and minimize impacts through clear, concise documentation.  Where impacts cannot be avoided, understanding the thresholds that require mitigation and the types of mitigation acceptable to various agencies ensures a smooth permitting process.

With over 30 years of experience providing environmental services and a staff that brings more than 150 years of combined experience, Fisher Associates’ Environmental Services Team commits to getting your project permitted efficiently and cost-effectively.  Our Team is comprised of interdisciplinary, highly experienced professionals that provide environmental regulatory compliance, site investigation and remediation, water quality testing, environmental impact assessments, natural resource assessments, and ecological surveys on  a wide range of public and private sector projects throughout the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and Midwest. We communicate with agencies early in the project development process and continue our communication throughout the project to avoid surprises and ensure timely approvals and permits are issued.  Getting your project through the regulatory process is our top priority and why our clients utilize our Environmental Services Team.