Key Contact

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Mike Bogardus, P.L.S. Director of Geomatics

Clearly identified boundaries

A critical step in project development is knowing the boundaries within which you have rights to build.  Should your project require boundary line and/or right-of-way determination, Fisher’s team will ensure your needs are met. Our staff of experienced surveyors have successfully determined difficult to retrace boundary and rights-of-way dating back to the Colonial period. Our research efforts, often requiring visits to county clerk offices and records libraries; state, county and town offices; public libraries; and local historians’ offices, result in accurate determination of boundary lines and rights of way so you have clarity on whether easements or acquisitions are needed to progress your project.  

On publicly funded projects, Fisher is an expert at identifying and resolving right of way issues, to ensure that improvements will be completed within jurisdictionally owned land. We clearly identify highway boundaries and property lines and then provide this information to project designers, owners, and real-estate representatives who then assess the need for acquisitions.  This occurs early in the design process because we understand that right of way acquisition is on the critical path of project completion. Identifying boundaries early allows ample time for the required discussions with property owners and completion of right of way maps needed as part of the documents for acquisition.  With our expertise and early determination of all right of way boundaries, we keep your project on schedule.