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Mike Bogardus Headshot Outdoor BR
Mike Bogardus, P.L.S. Director of Geomatics

High Density Survey Laser Scanning

When traditional survey measures may not be feasible due to accessibility and safety, our team evaluates whether laser scanning is an appropriate alternative.   The use of Laser Scanning provides high density topographic survey, reducing the margin of error and improving the survey results by capturing more data points. This survey technique features ultra-fast data capture, remote measurement, 3D visualization, and colorful, informative imagery. This technology has proven particularly useful when applied to projects that have vertical features, features directly overhead, complex geometry, inaccessible areas, or areas with high safety risks.  Fisher recently used laser scanning to map deteriorated concrete areas on a concrete arch bridge marked out with iridescent paint.  The data was then used to calculate areas for concrete removal.  This task, if conducted manually, would have taken several days to complete.  With laser scanning it was done in a matter of hours.