Key Contact

Mike Bogardus Headshot Outdoor BR
Mike Bogardus, P.L.S. Director of Geomatics

More than just a map.

Defining and mapping the natural and human-made features on a site, and understanding the changes in topography within the site, allow our design team to create the most efficient design to meet your needs.  It all begins with an accurate topographic map generated by our expert survey and mapping team.  We produce topographic maps using several land surveying techniques and determine the most suitable techniques to meet your needs.  Our mapping will include all key site features such as roadways, structures, ditches, curbs, sidewalks, utility services, watercourses and embankments, trees, and densely vegetated areas to name a few, so the design team has all the relevant information they need to develop your design and maximize site efficiency.  Your topographic map is more than just a map, it is the foundation of your project’s success.  Inaccurate or inadequately detailed topographic mapping can derail a project design.  With our expert survey and mapping team, you can rest assured that your topographic map will be accurate and detailed, so the design team has all the necessary information they need to keep your project on schedule.