Key Contact

Tom Lucey
Tom Lucey, P.E. Director of Land Development

Your trusted advisor in commercial space.

An intensive due diligence process during the concept stage of any commercial development identifies challenges and the required permits and approvals necessary to complete your project. This allows for early economic and political assessment of your project, and design foresight throughout all stages. The Fisher Associates Land Development Team has worked with countless private clients employing this approach.  Whether a new development, a reuse project, or an improvement to your current land use, we have the engineering expertise and understanding to guide your project from beginning to end.  We know typical showstoppers and high-risk project issues, and we identify these early in the process and develop a plan to tackle them as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.  As your trusted advisor, we not only develop solutions for your project, but we proactively identify and solve problems that may hinder your project’s progress.