Key Contact

Tom Lucey
Tom Lucey, P.E. Director of Land Development

Designing safe, compliant learning environments.

A well-designed school site or campus is critical to the safety of students, teachers, administrators and visitors.  Efficient vehicle and pedestrian traffic circulation and safe passages between parking and drop-off areas and school buildings are just a few key considerations. Others include stormwater drainage, lighting, wayfinding signage, and appropriately located parking.   The Fisher Associates Land Development Team has years of experience working with both K-12 education clients and higher education institutions to successfully address these project challenges. We work closely with you to minimize the impact on your student body understanding that the desired time to undertake improvements is during the summer months when there is less activity on campus.  We utilize our understanding of the timeframes to obtain permits and approvals to guide the critical path of the project.  In instances, where construction must occur during the school year, we design safe working areas for the contractor with ample space to perform the work safely and efficiently.  We also clearly delineate the accessible pathways for students, teachers, administrators and visitors.  

Sustainability is also a key consideration in our designs.  We not only work with you to address the issues occurring today, but also seek to understand the potential future needs to ensure that the design accounts for such future needs and can readily accommodate those changes.  Where desirable and prudent, we also incorporate green infrastructure such as rain gardens, permeable pavements, infiltration planters, and trees and tree boxes. The end result is a safe, compliant, and sustainable campus.