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Tom Lucey
Tom Lucey, P.E. Director of Land Development

Unique solutions for unique needs.

Institutional land uses cover a wide range of uses that serve a community’s social, health, cultural, and recreational needs.  They may include government owned or privately owned and operated facilities.  Therefore, the needs and issues of these types of projects are very individualized and can be complex.  A hospital must consider a variety of issues including: employee parking, pick-up and drop-off; emergency services access; visitor parking and access; and delivery access to name a few.  These are very different from the considerations for a museum, recreational center, or municipal courthouse.  A one-size-fits all approach is not the solution. You need a team that works collaboratively with you to identify your unique needs and then develops solutions to address them.

The Fisher Associates Land Development Team is your dedicated partner and can guide you through the development process for your institutional project. We understand that each site is unique and requires customized attention. We also realize the importance of keeping you informed every step of the way. One of the first things we establish with you is a communication plan tailored to you and your project needs. While our expert staff members are working on a compliant site design, they are also in continual coordination with you and the other members of your project team. Fisher has the experience of working with federal, state, and local agencies that you need for project approvals and the skills to help make your project a success.