Key Contact

Don Naetzker Headshot
Donald Naetzker, RLA Director of Planning

Planning for the future

Planning provides a strong foundation for successful public and private sector projects – ensuring that social, economic, and environmental factors are considered, and an implementable concept is progressed. 

Fisher recognizes that a comprehensive planning process is critical to ensuring that the adopted plan is feasible and potential risks have been evaluated to minimize surprises and potential showstoppers during the future design and construction phases.  We embrace stakeholder and community participation and seek to incorporate input received resulting in a concept that has public support and achieves the overall client vision. Our goal is to provide solid research, collaborative participation, and thoughtful analysis that lead to preferred, implementable concepts.  Fisher’s planners then assist our clients to organize recommendations that are clearly communicated and strategized.

We believe in uncompromised design, in places that are people-centric, in smart growth & urbanism concepts that integrate land use & transportation, in community prosperity & social equity, and in community sustainability & resiliency.